We, MG Transportes LTD offer development and carrier to those having the ambition to work in a dynamic environment. If you are willing to work in a company that may motivate you and develop your potential, as well as to provide you with the necessary good remuneration, you may take the opportunity to become a member of our team.

If you are:
enterprising and creative
understand the significance of the loyal attitude to clients
open to new ideas
and have an insight into business tendencies …

then you are ready to become a member of our team!

If you do not want to miss any future opportunities and think that your application would be of interest to us, you may apply for the announced vacant positions, as well as to send us a CV for our data base to the following e-mail

Documents that are necessary to begin work at MG Transportes LTD”

  • Curriculum Vitae;
  • Medical Certificate;
  • Criminal Conviction Certificate;
  • Valid Driving License, Professional Competence, ADR permit;
  • Mental Fitness Certificate;
  • Lack of Violation Certificate issued by the Traffic Police;
  • Diploma for completed education;
  • Employment Record Book;
  • ID Card;
  • International Medical Insurance /recommended/;
  • Employment Application;
  • Bank account and a valid international card – in BGN