About us

МГ-Транспортес ООД

MG-Transportes LTD

initiated its activity in 2008. The personnel that have been employed by the company have high qualification and long-term experience in the sphere, by means of which they made a name of a preferred and reliable partner. With its great energy and professionalism, as well as with the services it offers the company guarantees a successful start and establishment in the European business.

МГ-Транспортес ООД

MG Transportes LTD is an independent private company, which has been imposing itself very intensely in the sphere of transport and forwarding in the last years.

At present we have lorries of the towing type with a semi-trailer.

We are responsible for strict loading, transportation and unloading.

We make every possible effort to satisfy the requirements for quality, quickness and flexibility.